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BYU Philharmonic Plays Beethoven (Live)

Nov. 16 at 6pm (Eroica Symphony) | Nov. 18 at 7:30pm (Emperor Concerto)

2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, and to celebrate, the BYU Philharmonic is offering two concerts of his music. On October 16 at 6pm, tune in to hear the mighty "Eroica" Symphony, and on October 18 at 7:30pm, BYU faculty member Scott Holden joins the Philharmonic for the "Emperor" Piano Concerto.

Top 50 Countdown

Deadline for votes: December 10 | Broadcast: December 28-January 1

What are your favorite pieces of classical music? Tell us and then we’ll count down our listeners’ Top 50. Send us an e-mail with up to 10 favorite pieces, listed in no particular order. The Top 50 Countdown will be broadcast December 28-January 1. The deadline for your vote is December 10. The e-mail address is Or simply click on the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page.

A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns

November 26 at 8am and 2pm

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones to give thanks to God for the bounties of life. It’s a heartwarming holiday which opens the festive season. In this special, enjoy music performed by BYU’s combined choirs and philharmonic. In addition, learn about the history of this uniquely American holiday.

Every Good Thing

November 26 at 9am and 3pm

On Thanksgiving, host Andrea Blain and classical music fans from all around the country take some time to give thanks and celebrate one of life's most meaningful gifts: music. Join us for an hour of stories and music to celebrate this special day.

Giving Thanks

November 26 at 10am and 4pm

Giving Thanks brings music and stories together for thoughtful reflection on the meaning of the holiday. Whether you're up early in the kitchen, eating dinner, or relaxing after the feast, Giving Thanks provides the perfect atmosphere for Thanksgiving: the warmth of great music, and truly memorable words.

A Feast for the Ears

November 26 at 12pm and 6pm

As families come together and give thanks, A Feast for the Ears helps set the atmosphere and provide deeper meaning to the Thanksgiving holiday. A two-hour program, A Feast for the Ears reflects on the rich history and traditions of this well-loved American holiday and highlights music by American composers such as Aaron Copeland, Virgil Thomson, William Billings and Charles Ives, along with some undiscovered treasures by Rick Sowash and Mark O?Connor. Host Mark Perzel presents a melodic and intriguing exploration of Thanksgiving history, lore and roots in early European harvest festivals, as well as a thoughtful examination of the holiday's evolution and contemporary traditions.

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