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What Happened to BBC News?

As of May 16, we have stopped airing BBC news on Classical 89 for the following reasons:
1. The primary reason people tune into Classical 89 is for the music. They want the solace, peace, and comfort that our music gives them.
2. Many of our listeners find that the bad news of the day detracts from that experience. They tell us that they turn the radio down or off when the news is on.
3. Our listeners tell us that they know where to get the news when they need it. They want music when they tune in to our station.
4. Most other full-time classical stations in the country have stopped airing news for similar reasons.

We understand that not everyone will be happy with this decision. If you’re a BBC fan, one solution is to download the BBC news app. There is a “Live” button on the app that allows you to hear the BBC world service on-demand whenever you want it, including headlines at the top of each hour.

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