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Forrest S Cuch: Hugging the Horse to Heal--The Ute Indian Tribe in the 21st C.
Today’s guest on Thinking Aloud is Forrest S. Cuch.  In his 13 years as Utah’s State Director of Indian Affairs and subsequent tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the Ute Indian Tribe, Cuch has also been deeply involved in different kinds of healing and reconciliation: between the Ute tribe and the state of Utah,between the Utes’ traditional ways of life and their modern ways of economic survival, and even among individual Utes themselves as they travel the difficult path of living as a post-conquest Native Americans. Cuch himself had his own difficult emotional recovery to undertake as he recovered from the death of his son in 1997.  His wife then gave him sage advice for healing: “You need to hug the horse”—that is, get back to the homelands and activities that gave your people their original sense of identity. He has tried to stay close to his Native American roots ever since.   —Original airdate: 5/5/2016

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