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Eric Eliason/Scott Squire: Coyote Coursing--American Hunting Tradition on the Great Plains
Hunting with dogs has been an important part of human culture ever since the first wolf and tribesman team up resulted in more meat for the both of them. This inter-species relationship has survived millennia in almost every culture where humans and dogs coexist.  One of these hunting dog sub-cultures is the greyhound-like breed of “Coyote dog.” Bred in the great plains and used to hunt their namesake, “Coyote dogs” have been around since almost the beginning of America. Their sport has continued to evolve their owners, community and even their prairie environment to produce more ecologically in-tune ranchers and farmers, a smarter and stronger coyote population, and a rich American sub-culture. Tonight on Thinking Aloud author Eric Eliason and Photographer Scott Squire are here today to introduce us to this little-known community still un-spoiled by suburbia.—Original airdate: 5/4/2016

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