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Mary Eberstadt: It's Dangerous to Believe--Religious Freedom and Its Enemies
Even in our modern age, religious believers routinely face ostracism, social injustice, and in many cases martyrdom. There’s a broad spectrum of religious intolerance, from seemingly benign forms to the barbaric devastations wrought by bloodthirsty militant groups in the name of religion. Last night on Thinking Aloud, we were joined by Mary Eberstadt, a guest of the Wheatley Institution on BYU campus. She recently authored the book It's Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies. Just where is the “free world” today when it comes to religious freedom? In what has been described as a secular world, what can or should a religious believer expect from our modern society in the way of protections from religious discrimination?—Original airdate: 3/27/2017

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