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Scott Holden
Okay, I suppose I should qualify that, or elaborate a bit. This is what a piano sounds like when played unconventionally, not necessarily striking the keys with finger tips to produce the expected timbres and tones, but eliciting unfamiliar sounds, using a host of curious techniques. I suppose one would need to know how basic, raw vibrations originate and also how they can be shaped and altered and adjusted. A vibrating piano is a vibrating piano, no matter how you slice, dice, or fry it. The oscillations can begin on the piano string, or somewhere else altogether in the metal and wood frame of the soundboard. Music is sound, and sound is vibration, and if you somehow manage to get those vibrations to come out of a piano, then by definition, you are playing it…. And that, is all I meant when I said, “This is what a piano sounds like.”—Original airdate: 3/12/2010

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