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What Is the Future of the Animal We Call an Orchestra?
A national conference is underway in Utah, with members from far and wide attending the 2008 meeting of the College Orchestra Directors Association (CODA). Brigham Young University is hosting the event. We take the opportunity to invite the president and vice president of CODA to crystal ball about the future of orchestras and the role of music educators in shaping that future. Stevenbsp; Heyde is the president of the College Orchestra Directors Association (CODA). He travels across the country and around the world as a guest conductor, working with professional and student orchestras and musicians. Alexander Jimenez serves as vice president of (CODA) and also currently serves as a board member of the College Music Society. Kory Katseanes is director of orchestras at Brigham Young University. —Original airdate: 2/22/2008

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