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Media Coverage of Campaigns
In the last decade, it seems that voting machines, primaries, red and blue states, and the whole political gamut have been popular topics for media outlets, internet blogs, and even late-night comedians. Sometimes political neutrality seems nonexistent, depending upon who's actually telling the story. How transparent is the process of informing the public, particularly during an election season? To what extent is the messenger, namely the media, actually altering the message? Experts from BYU's Political Science and Communications Departments weigh in on media coverage of campaigns. Kelly Pattersonnbsp; teaches American politics, Political Parties, Campaigns and Elections, Public Opinion, and Political Theory (BYU Department of Political Science). Robert Walz teaches Broadcast Journalismnbsp; (BYU Department of Communications) and is currently a freelance reporter for Utah's ABC 4 News.nbsp; Wes Sims serves as News Director at BYU Broadcasting and has extensive experience as a broadcast journalist reaching back four decades. —Original airdate: 2/1/2008

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