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Life and Legacy of Emmeline B. Wells with biographer Carol Cornwall Madsen
In her day, Emmeline B. Wells was one of the most respected presidents of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But far away from the so-called "Mormon Corridor" of the West, Wells had an international reputation as a powerful if perplexing advocate for women's rights and women's suffrage. Carol Cornwall Madsen is one of the foremost experts on Latter-day Saint women's history and author of the new book "An Advocate for Women: The Public Life of Emmeline B. Wells, 1870-1920." Wells stood a mere five feet tall and weighed scarcely 100 pounds, yet she wielded an influence vastly disproportionate to her diminutive physical stature. Redressing the diminished stature of women in society generally seems to have been her life cause--not only in her state of Utah, but internationally as well.—Original airdate: 12/8/2006

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