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Environmental Humanities
On today's Thinking Aloud, two scholars will discuss the type of research that adopts and adapts the methods of the humanities to clarify the cultural meanings associated with today's environmental debate. For decades experts have deliberated on environmental pursuits and the urgency of mankind's ability to exist harmoniously with the earth. Today, more than ever, terms like global warming, Greenhouse gases, Eco-systems and bio-diversity are thrown around as some of the buzzwords we here in popular culture. One group argues that the threat to earth is imminent and mankind just might destroy itself and mother earth if it is not prudent and conservative with the elements and all species. The other side contends there's no scientific proof to support any of those claims. We’re thinking aloud with Christopher (Chip) Oscarson and George Handley, both from the Department of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature at BYU. —Original airdate: 10/1/2008

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