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Making Computers Talk--Natural Language Processing Today

Computer Science Professor Erik Ringger studies Natural Language Processing, the science of getting computers to do useful things with language.  It is, to say the least, a daunting scientific task because of what we now know to be the nearly-incomprehensible complexity of human language.  Despite that, NLP researchers have made some impressive progress of late in getting computers to understand and even produce human speech.  Today on Thinking Aloud, Prof. Ringger talks to guest host Mark Burns to discuss some of those accomplishments. 

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We're talking to BYU scholars who deal with the family dynamic when there are children with special needs. We'll discuss sibling rivalry, sibling empathy, personal development, and the overall adjustments families make with special needs children. Barbara Mandleco teaches in the BYU College of Nursing.” Susanne Olsen Roper teaches in the BYU School of Family Life. Tina Dyches teaches in the BYU Department of Counseling Psychology & Special Education.—Original airdate: 2/27/2008 11:00 AM

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