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BYU Broadcasting (BYUB) will consolidate its television operations (BYUtv, BYUtv International, KBYU Channel 11) into one, nationwide television network. Similarly, radio operations (Classical 89 and BYUradio) will also be consolidated into a single radio network. Going forward, BYU Broadcasting will center all its attention on two closely-correlated products: BYUtv and BYUradio.

The primary driver of this move is to allow BYUB staff to better focus on creating and distributing original, values-oriented, family content on BYUtv and BYUradio to the world in a more efficient, expedited and less expensive manner. This alignment also allows BYUB to marshal all employees and internal resource services (marketing, legal, accounting, etc.) against just two portals instead of five. Combined with a laser focused marketing and channel strategy going forward, this move will help BYUB to reach more like-minded viewers and listeners with content that uplifts and engages. BYUtv is the only national network originating from Utah and creates more original entertainment and live sports content than any other channel in Utah. Likewise, BYUradio is the only Utah-based radio service available nationwide on SiriusXM. BYUradio is also available online at, and other digital platforms.

The channel consolidation will take place on 30 June 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this mean that channel 11, KBYU, will no longer exist?
Answer: KBYU Eleven, a PBS member station in the Salt Lake market, will go away. In its place viewers will see the BYUtv broadcast, just as viewers do nationwide. The university and church will continue to own and operate this channel under its FCC license.

Question: What is the advantage of showing BYUtv on the channel 11 frequency?
Answer: For one thing, viewers along the current KBYU footprint (Utah and the Wasatch Front) who watch via direct broadcast satellite, will now see BYUtv in HD. This means all programs including BYU Sports will be shown in high definition both over the air and through local cable and satellite providers.

Question: What about your membership in PBS?
Answer: KBYU will withdraw from PBS as of 30 June 2018. That will create less duplication of programs in the market as KUED Channel 7 will be the only PBS provider in Utah, which is the way the majority of PBS stations operate in markets across the country.

Question: What does this mean for Classical 89?
Answer: Classical 89 will go away. In its place will be BYUradio which will continue its current mixed format of talk, public affairs, education, and music.

Question: What does this do to BYUtv International?
Answer: BYU Broadcasting will continue to invest in and expand its Spanish-language content for audiences throughout Latin America as well as domestically in the United States. BYUtv International, which had limited distribution across Latin America, will discontinue over-the-air, satellite and cable broadcasts, enabling BYU Broadcasting to further invest in making international content available over its state-of-the-art streaming services offered at

Question: How many jobs will be lost in this consolidation?
Answer: There will be no jobs lost and no reduction in force. Employees will be reassigned to fill much-needed job roles which currently exist in the organization.

Question: How will this change affect your academic mission with BYU?
Answer: It will actually strengthen and enhance it. With increased economic efficiencies the amount of original production and related support activities will increase, creating even more student training opportunities.

Question: Is the channel consolidation due to funding limitations?
Answer: While the consolidation will increase the effective use of resources, it was not the driving factor. By consolidating our services, we will be able to focus all our attention on creating and offering new original programming for both Utah and our growing nationwide audiences on BYUtv, BYUradio and our digital services. It is also a reflection of the opportunities offered by new media platforms and changes in the way audiences access media.

Question: Will there be pledge drives on BYUtv or BYUradio?
Answer: The short answer is no. BYU Broadcasting will no longer conduct outbound fundraising campaigns.

Question: How will you help Utah viewers and listeners make this change?
Answer: BYUB is very grateful for the support of our loyal audiences over the years and excited about new opportunities to bring them even more unique and engaging content. We are in the process of developing a transition plan that will introduce our viewers and listeners to the great programs on BYUtv and BYUradio as well as help them find other sources for the content they currently enjoy on Classical 89 and KBYU Eleven.