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The Score
With Peter Van De Graaff
The Score
Tune in for a weekly celebration of symphonic music in film. The host, Edmund Stone, is a classically trained Shakespearean actor from England whose background includes a variety of stage and screen roles. Each week he explores a different theme, from composers to film genres, and points in between. Grab your popcorn and join us!
Locally on Classical 89 every Saturday at 6pm, MST
89.1 FM & 89.5 FM (southern Utah County)
online at here.
Upcoming Broadcasts
October 11
Heist Films
Music from films about bold and brilliant acts of thievery. We'll hear music from heist films, including The Ladykillers, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Usual Suspects, and more. Playlist information is available at
October 18
This week, music from films about people who become superhuman, or no longer human at all. We'll hear scores from Avatar, Robocop, Beauty and the Beast and more. Playlist information is available at
October 25
The undead are more popular than ever. This year's Halloween Show features music from vampire films, including The Twilight Saga, Nosferatu, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and of course Dracula.