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Symphony No. 6, Pathétique
Classics for Kids
Classics for Kids® introduces elementary and middle school children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way. Hosted by Naomi Lewin, the program focuses on one composer a month, with each week’s program highlighting a different aspect of that composer’s life or work. Ms. Lewin uses music that is accessible to young people to tell the composer’s story, illustrate a musical concept, and pique a child’s interest.

Classics for Kids
The Classics for Kids Web site includes multimedia games, an interactive musical dictionary, composer biographies, an archive of programs, and audio files of favorite classical music. Parent resources are also available on the site, including hints on how to help a child practice an instrument and information about music books, videos, and games. There’s also a component to help educators integrate classical music into their daily curriculum and further educational goals. Several lesson plans can be downloaded from the Web, and each is built around a classical music composer and a featured piece of music.
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