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Eric Glissmeyer has loved listening to the radio ever since he was a child. He grew up with popular music and rock and roll, and he began his record collection at age 14. His introduction to classical music came through the accordion. He studied the instrument at Larry Pino Conservatory in Holladay. Each year the conservatory took an accordion ensemble to competition with each member taking a part of the orchestral score of a symphony movement. Eric played the horn part (on the accordion) in Brahms’ Fourth Symphony, the piccolo part in Beethoven's Fifth, and the clarinet part in Beethoven's Third. Later he became immersed in classical music as a vocal performance student at BYU, where he received a Master of Music degree. While still a student he began working at Classical 89 and in 1991 joined the full-time staff. Eric is Classical 89's program services manager with the responsibility of selecting and scheduling all of the station's programming. Eric continues to have a passion for performing, and as often as time allows still works with various local organizations, including the Hale Center Theater Orem and Scera. He also enjoys reading, playing tennis, watching movies, and spending time with his family.