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Classical 89 on HD Radio
HD radio is a new technology that enables radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally, providing listeners with improved audio quality and reception. A special receiver is required; only a few models are available now, but more are expected in the future. The radio industry is moving to HD radio, and Classical 89 is in the vanguard of Wasatch Front stations making the transition, having begun HD broadcasts on Oct. 28, 2005.
Benefits of HD Radio:
Static-free, CD-quality sound

Does not require a special subscription, although your financial contributions to Classical 89 are key to our ability to offer the service

An easy transition—with your new HD radio set, you can continue listening to other stations still broadcasting in analog, as well as to Classical 89 in HD radio.
How Can You Get Classical 89 on HD Radio?
Click on the link for a list of places to purchase HD radio receivers.

Our thanks to iBiquity Digital Corp., the sole developer of HD radio technology. For more information, visit
HD Radio